You can be a hero
in the tobacco policy of the future

The fact that it is difficult to quit smoking is common knowledge. How difficult tobacco politics can be is not as well known, but you who are reading this probably has a wide knowledge about it. There are many kinds of help for those who want to quit smoking, but there is, in fact, help also for decision makers. It can be found in what is called the Tobacco Convention.

Many people have experience of how difficult it is to get rid of a nicotine addiction. Perhaps you yourself are one of those who have tried in vain to stop smoking and have stood in the kitchen desperately looking for butts and with your whole body regretting that you threw away the last package. Perhaps you have stood beside someone who, without success,  has tried to quit smoking and seen his or her withdrawal symptoms, or maybe you know someone who has become seriously ill because of tobacco use, perhaps you even have known someone who has died from smoking. It would be great if future generations could be spared such experiences.

Welcome to learn more about some of the articles of the Convention. These give you as a politician support to make wise decisions – for the sake of the children. If you and other politicians work together, you can protect children from all forms of tobacco. To save future generations from extremely needless nicotine addiction is to be a political hero.

We need your support

Watch the film where children talk about how they are attracted to a nicotine addiction, and how you politicians can help them say no.

Short education in the Tobacco Convention