The website Nicotinefreechildren.org is part of the campaign Laws for the future of all children, which was developed in Sweden 2021. The campaign aims to draw politicians’ and the public’s attention to the importance of helping children say no to nicotine. Nicotine is a poison, no matter what type of product it is packaged in, and an addiction only benefits the tobacco industry.

Nevertheless, millions of children and high school students smoke, and more and more children try and become addicted to new nicotine products. It is important to stop this development and to protect children’s right to freedom from nicotine dependency. The aim of the campaign is, therefore, to bring about more comprehensive tobacco legislation to strengthen the ability to  protect future generations from the tobacco industry’s manipulative practices.

Nicotinefreechildren.org and the campaign was developed by Tobaksfakta, a Swedish non-partisan non-profit umbrella organization with 17 member organizations, all working to prevent the of tobacco with its harmful effects. Our mission is to spread knowledge about tobacco and the serious consequences of its use for individuals, society and the environment through information, education, and influencing of public opinion. We want to help ensure that children will not become addicted to nicotine, thereby increasing the chances of good health both in the short and long term.